Leader in lithium battery industry in China

      WUYU Tech Co.,ltd is a high-tech manufacturer who specializes in developing and manufacturing of Li-ion battery  cells and packs.


      Our products are used in many applications across many industries, especially for Energy storage and Mobile Vehicles. Such as: Solar system, UPS, telecommunications,

small electronic home appliances,mobile vehicles (golf carts, Bus,Car, forklifts), and many

more. We distribute our cells and battery banks all around world.


      Wuyu Tech has more than 20 years of experience in batteries manufacturing ,distribution and customized solution.We strive to become the dominant supplier for power and energy storage cell and bank.We are working hard on the Solar and Telecommunication front. Our innovation and development team is tireless in researching new technology to better our battery cells to be more efficient with other applications. We hope to give the market better, cleaner and more efficient products and give better energy storage that lasts and won't damage the environment.


    Our Main partner: Heli forklift, Hangcha Forklift, SMA, China Unicom, China Mobile etc.


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